For the doe eyed ladies who awaken with stars in their eyes and messy hair and spend their mornings sipping freshly pressed grapefruit juice from antique china saucers and dancing to old french love songs on top of their wrinkled white sheets. Who effortlessly scoop the remnants of yesterday's outfit from the floor of their boudoir and somehow manage to reassemble each garment to achieve a completely fresh look.  Who let their sleeves fall ever so slightly off their shoulders to reveal perfectly chiseled collar bones and necks as long as Kenyan giraffes.  Who gallop through the streets waving to their neighbors with pure hearts and sparkling grins and who giggle at even the slightest eye contact offered by a stranger.  The ladies who cause an entire restaurant to fall numb, frozen and silent in awe of the precious delicate creatures entering the atmosphere.  Who kiss everyone on the mouth to say hello and tell them they love them darling.